Department of Mathematical Sciences

Department of Mathematical Sciences started as the Department of Computer Science as one of the pioneer departments of the University. That is, initially the Departments started-off with a single programme: Computer Science. However, Mathematics courses and lecturers have been the backbone of the department.  Subsequently, the National University Commission (NUC) approved the take-off of a B.Sc. Mathematics as a major of its own. Consequently, University Management approved the merging of the two programmes to form the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Recently, NUC also approved the take-off of the Software Engineering programme within the same department. Thus, the Department of Mathematical Sciences is the mother of three highly-sought programmes from the College of Natural and Applied Sciences.

The programmes are:

B.Sc. Computer Science

B.Sc. Mathematics and

B.Sc. Software Engineering

In addition to the above undergraduate programmes, the Department also runs two masters programmes: (i) M.Sc./Ph.D. Computer Science  (ii) M.Sc./Ph.D. Mathematics. Also, coming soon is Post-graduate Diploma (PGD) in Computer Science as a bridging programme leading to M.Sc. Computer Science.


Dr. Armaya’u Zango Umar

The Current Head of Department is Dr. Armaya’u Zango Umar. He is an alumnus of Al-Qalam University where he obtained B.Ss. in Computer Science with first class grade. He proceeded to United Kingdom where he obtained Masters in Computing as well as Ph.D. in Computer Science.