Available Programmes

College of Natural and Applied Sciences

a. Department of Mathematical Sciences
B.Sc. Computer Science
B.Sc. Mathematics
b. Department Of Physics
B.Sc. Physics
c. Department of Chemistry
B.Sc. Chemistry
d. Department of Biological Sciences
B.Sc. Biology

College of Humanities

a. Department of African Languages
B.A. Arabic
B.A. Hausa
b. Department of English
B.A. English
c. Department of Islamic Studies
B.A. Islamic Studies

College of Social and Management Sciences

a. Department of Management Sciences
B.Sc. Accounting
B.Sc. Business Administration
b. Department of Economics
B.Sc. Economics
c. Department of Political Science
B.Sc. Political Science
d. Department of Sociology
B.Sc. Sociology

College of Education

a. Department of Education
B.A. Ed. Arabic
B.A. Ed. English
B.A. Ed. Hausa
B.A. Ed. Islamic Studies
B.Sc. Ed. Biology
B.Sc. Ed. Chemistry
B.Sc. Ed. Mathematics
B.Sc. Ed. Physics