Information and Communication Technology is now a crucial part of modern life. Almost everything is affected by it, directly or indirectly. Established in 2010, the Head of Information and Communication Technology (HICT) is the local provider of ICT services at Katsina University, Katsina.
The Head fully supports teaching and learning programs, administrative support systems, and the community of students, and staff at the University. The Directorate seeks to collaborate with academic Departments of the university to produce graduates who are knowledge workers, sufficiently equipped with ICT skills befitting the 21st century environment.


The Directorate aspires to initiate and develop collaboration with other universities and industries, both nationally and internationally, in teaching, learning, research and consultancy, to establish a center of excellence in ICT and to promote research and development in creating value-based information system.


• Develop an extensive pool of trained ICT manpower at all levels to meet the requirements of the University.
• Establish an efficient and cost-effective ICT infrastructure that provides equitable access to local, national and international networks.
• Set up University ICT applications that are reliable, secure, up-to-date and easily accessible.
• Promote widespread use of ICT applications in the faculties and departments for efficient teaching, research and learning..
• To provide expertise in the field of information technology to its users and provide a conducive environment in its mission to develop an IT savvy community.
• To render excellent services to all concerned parties.
• Providing operational support and management of networks
• To assist in personnel development and training in ICT.


• Head ICT
• Administrative Officer (Head Administration)
• Head IT Infrastructure
• Head System Administration and network
• Head Web & Content Development
• Head Computer Hardware Maintenance
• Head Computer Operators
• Network Engineer
• Network Technician -
• Messenger


ICT Services provides many services for the University community. Some of those most commonly used are listed below.
• The ICT Directorate maintains the university campus wide area network, operational support and maintenance of network equipment and computing devices.
• Provide network support for voice and data services.
• Provide users support for web and mail services.
• Maintain university domain and website.
• Provides computer Hardware/Software support services.
• Provide training workshops for staff and students.
• Participate in program for the promotion of ICT awareness within the community.
• ID Card Production for staff and students.
The Directorate is committed to promoting knowledge and understanding of ICT among the university’s students and in the wider community and encourages critical thinking about the use of ICT and its importance for national development.